Tribal Offices, Tribal land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329
On Sunday April 16th 2023, the California Valley Miwok Tribe delivered this month’s distribution to its Program director Mildred Burley.
The late printing of this story is testament to the continual interference of the local BIA in their quest to steal the tribe out from under its citizenship and elected government. 
These continual disruptions by an organization that is supposed to support, but in reality is the only detriment to this tribe is a long and continued nuisance not unlike a cockroach infestation or bed bugs, continually obsessed with sucking the very lifeblood out of our sovereignty.
This month saw an abundance including but not limited to breads, cereals, mixes, noodles, sauces, crackers, snacks, pie’s, candies, coffee, creamers, tea’s, chili, health related items, frozen fish, dinners, meats and poultry.
It was a large delivery and makes up for the prior month in which earlier issues concocted by Harley Long and Carol Rogers-Davis of the local Bureau of Indian Affairs / Central California Agency in part circumvented tribal assistance to it’s citizens.
These never-do-well’s of Indian Country did not stop the tribal government though from fulfilling their obligation to the tribal people’s of the California Valley Miwok Tribe this month and certain safeguards are being put into place to try an avoid them ever doing so again.

We would like to thank all those listed below that have come forward to assist us in providing this service unlike the BIA located at,

who’s mission statement listed under, (Discover) is a criminal lie and hoax in regards to this tribe and has been wholly disregarded and unadhered to in regards to this tribe and the sovereign rights of its people.
We would like to thank,
The United States Department of Agriculture, California Office of Emergency Services, Walmart Stores Inc., Cost Less Stores Inc., The Grocery Outlet Inc., Food For Less Stores Inc., citizens of the greater county of San Joaquin, Morada and its surrounding communities. to staff and volunteers and to our program Director Mildred Burley who recently turned 86 years of age and is unwilling to retire until the BIA quits messing with her tribe.