Tribal Offices, Tribal land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329
The video below with the corresponding description tells the story of a tribal people long plagued by political and bureaucratic corruption, initiated by casino seeking individuals and the broken system that has allowed and continues to condone and let it happen.   


In this video, California Valley Miwok Tribal Chairperson speaks of the hypocrisy of current Native American officials in the administration who are working hand in glove with non-natives to steal her tribe, disenroll its citizens and instill fictitious people who are not currently, nor have ever been enrolled members.

Deb Haaland current Secretary of the Interior who is allowing this to happen does not seem to recognize a Native American leader of the female gender. One has to wonder when she looks into a mirror what does she see looking back?

Bryan Newland, who just decided for the sake of expediency to carry on the BIA tradition of throwing the tribe under the buss to appease non-natives himself, knows better. It is he who researched and wrote the December 22nd, 2010, ASIA Larry EchoHawk decision. He did this under the supervision of Sequoia Simermeyer, a senior staff official. The situation itself started many years ago, when a couple of opportunists searching for their pot of gold saw a story in the LA Times. This story written with errors stated that this tribe had but one member. Bill Martin and Leroy Chapelle signed member to an exclusive and controlling contract. Upon finding that in error from local BIA officials they enlisted the services of Chad Everone.

Mr. Everone then went about orchestrating a web of deceit better left to Mr. Everone to explain by clicking on the, (Everone/Ludwig Audio Archive) icon listed at the top of the tribe’s official site:

Mr. Everone, himself a non-native, went about creating as he calls it, “fact from fiction” enlisting very notable people and various employees of the department of the Interior along the way. One early partner to this scheme was Albert Seeno Jr. of the Peppermill Casinos franchise. He himself with a very sordid past writing a contract where he was willing to finance a takeover in tribal leadership. Being unsuccessful he eventually faded away. Mr. Everone was also able to enlist the services of many local and Washington D.C BIA officials. Most notably locally was Bureau of Indian Affairs / Central California Agency, Superintendent Troy Burdick who has since been removed and to a lesser degree one still facilitating this fa├žade with the eventual goal being tribal destruction, Carl Rogers-Davis.

In Washington of all that are involved in this scheme past and present most notorious was Scott F. Keep, Senior Counsel Division of Indian Affairs. He intentionally guided officials into always undermining the tribe in violation of sovereign rights. His past is the most lurid of all legal counsel’s to this department as he has been allowed to defecate on the rights of all tribes across the nation and especially within the state of California trying to define California Indians as not being actual tribes. His relationship with Chad Everone was so close that the tribe is in possession of many communications between the two that are much more personal than professional. So much so that Mr. Everone even hired Mr. Keep’s long time friend for legal representation Tim Vollman, who worked with Mr. Keep in trying to steal the tribe before Mr. Vollman’s timely demise. Where we find ourselves today however is the continuing struggle to stop the tribe’s theft at the hands of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.

When Mr. Everone made a quasi-financial partnership with Arlo Smith former California Gambling Control Commissioner, not only did Mr. Smith stop the tribe from receiving funds, but as former District Attorney of San Francisco when Senator Feinstein was Mayor he delivered this deal to her. The Tribe has now been fighting this greedy, power hungry oligarch for over 15 years and even with her mental and physical health in decline she will stop at nothing to destroy the fabric and culture of our people to own the biggest entertainment venue in the state of California and locate it in the bay area. We will no longer exist as a people and will be replaced by stooges of her choice and we will forever afterward only be known as a casino, behind the scenes actually owned and operated by non-natives.


Senator Feinstein just weighed in on another tribe who’s exercising of their rights for a homeland encroaches on her plans. Within the last week Scotts Valley finally saw resolution to a long and unjust struggle until the Senator contacted the appropriate department to put everything they achieved once again on hold. Senator Feinstein is the most paternalistic, opportunistic, colonialist minded elected official that California tribes have had to deal with in modern times. Her unbounded thirst for power and her unbridled greed has wrought nothing but poverty and pain upon the tribes of California practically in the San Joaquin Valley and bay area with its surrounding communities and specifically the California Valley Miwok Tribe.