Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329

Below accompanying this story are the recent correspondences between the Superintendent of the local BIA, the tribe and the tribes legal representation.
It is presented here to show just how ill-informed, volatile and hostile the local government arm of the BIA is in regards to the California Valley Miwok Tribe, its citizens in regards to their tribal rights and U.S. citizens’ rights under the U.S. Constitution and the absolute right as an entity for legal counsel and representation. The very lack of knowledge and derogatory and demeaning nature expressed by Superintendent Harley Long in the correspondence accompanying this story begs to ask, “Does anyone at this agency know what they are doing, or have any oversight or counsel before proceeding”? The tribe would also like to add it would be most appreciated if they could get an a functioning adult in the room if one were ever to become available at this location.

The history of this tribe is actually pretty simple and only becomes convoluted when misrepresented by people who wish to somehow steal it, reorganize it outside the authority of the wishes of actual enrolled citizens and their elected representative government, or just to work hand in hand with corporate interests to build the biggest entertainment venue in California in the greater bay area. (The recent death of Senator Dianne Feinstein has not alleviated that issue as she partnered with other oligarch globalists, and they are still financially retaining the abhorrently counter productive costs of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, in this endeavor).

This had been the goal all along at the BIA who actually worked with the tribe in providing information and technical assistance when the tribe created Resolution G.C. 98. 01.

All was well until outside casino goldrush seekers with interests in tribal gaming, (still prevalent), sought to dispel the tribe and gain control using a single citizen that they manipulated through nefarious mean’s. (Hear that Chadd Everone, we still have copies of all your documents and associates).

So with the local BIA actually always wanting to eventually take the tribe by trickery and if not, by force. Chadd Everone created the perfect opportunity for
them to take advantage of situations created by and in working with Mr. Everone at the detriment of the tribe and its enrolled citizens. Former Superintendent Troy Burdick being the main operative over the span of this issue to Mr. Everone in this endeavor and included in the recordings at the top of this site’s page. (Click on the Everone/Ludwig Audio Archive) on top of page to hear the recordings by an investigative journalist of Mr. Everone exposing his scheme and implicating those others of working in concert with him.

We now find ourselves further along in this fight for justice against those, (specifically three most involved players being, Superintendent Harley Long,
Tribal ops Carol Rogers-Davis and Solicitor James Porter).

The silver lining of this issue is Superintendent Harley long whose correspondence accompanies this story and Solicitor James Porter are definite downgrades from their predecessors Superintendent Troy Burdick and Solicitor Scott Keep in this endeavor and it will show in upcoming actions currently being undertaken by the tribe. Carol Rogers-Davis always spiteful, vengeful but mediocre at best, even being removed from meetings by tribal request being the only holdover.

As a personal note, we once knew a man named Indian Dan. He was so named because he operated a vintage Indian Motorcycle shop many years ago.
We asked him at that time why only vintage Indian Motorcycles? Why not also vintage Harley’s? To which Dan replied, “Because a Harley is hardly enough”.
Even after all these years in the case of Harley Long, those words which were never more true, still ring true to this day.

Continue to do your worst, for we shall continue to do our best.


Click on the links below to access the PDF files.

1) Superintendent Harley Long trying to manipulate individual tribal citizen’s to participate in his scheme to undermine their own rights.
Notice: no notifying CC’s to other authorities.

11-27-23 Email from Harley Long

2) Legal response of factual standing and explanation by counsel.
Notice: of CC’s to all representative authorities.

20231129 Ltr to H. Long — PDL (1)

3) Superintendent Harley Long misrepresenting facts, giving legal conjecture without a license to practice law to individuals regarding their rights and current standing,(in his eyes only) and admonishing and making accusatory statements regarding legality of legal counsel.

Notice: this time only CC’s to his immediate superior.
4) Tribes response to nefarious actions being taken by Superintendent Harley Long to circumvent and separate actual enrolled tribal citizens from their rights and showing that the tribe will address this incident within the proper tribal forum. (something seemingly the local BIA Central Agency has had no previous experience in).
Notice: of CC’s to all representative authorities.

5) Final letter of legal foundation and position regarding representation,
tribal right’s BIA’S actual authorities and current overreach by bad actors who have forgotten to stay in their own lanes. As of yet no further response but it
is definitely time the government put an adult in the room.
Notice: CC’s sent to all the adult’s.

20231229 Ltr to H. Long — PDL (1)