Elected Officials

Silvia Burley, Chairperson

Anjelica Paulk, Vice Chairperson

Rashel Reznor, Secretary/Treasurer

Government Structure

Government Origination: Custom and Tradition
Governing Body: Tribal/General Council

Elections: Every six (6) years.
Next election for Vice Chairperson: 2027
Next election for Chairperson: 2029
Next election for Secretary/Treasurer: 2029

Tribal Council meetings are held every second Thursday of each month.

Tribal Departments and Representatives

Cultural Arts and Crafts
Mildred Burley, Certified Indian Artisan
Daveen Williams, Cultural Arts and Crafts Coordinator

Economic Development
Tiger Paulk, Economic Development Consultant

Emergency Management
Tiger Paulk, Emergency Manager

Enrollment Services
Anjelica Paulk, Director of Enrollment
Contact: californiavalleymiwoktribe@gmail.com

Financial Management
Colleen Petty, Financial Manager

Health and Human Resources
Daveen Williams, Health & Human Resources Manager

Indian Child Welfare
Rashel Reznor, ICWA Coordinator
Federal Register Designated ICWA Agent Listing, December 2014
Contact: californiavalleymiwoktribe@yahoo.com

Information Technology & Copywriting
Guillaume Confort, IT Technician and copywriter

Legal Representation

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