Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329
Friday May 19th 2023, the California Valley Miwok Tribe dropped off late this month’s Food For Tribal Families distributions.
The late delivery and late printing of this story actually are not due to BIA malfeasance. It is in fact due to lack of, so that the tribe was allowed to maintenance property, plan and devise legal strategies, assist tribal citizens with issues that BIA involvement and continually getting in the way takes precious time away from accomplishing.
This was a very good month so much so that the tribe was able to acquire steel toed Red Wings for a citizen with need at a new hire, fresh fruits and vegetable coffee, coffee creamers, pies, sodas, hotdogs and hamburgers, condiments and various frozen foods, meals, etc. This is in addition to all usual foods that the tribe regularly makes available.
One of our larger and more important deliveries much to the detriment of the local BIA in Sacramento California  whom with zero assistance have proven their lack of worth.
To see how hollow their words ring and the meaninglessness of their mission statement, go to Home | Indian Affairs   
Scroll down page until you see, (DISCOVER) where their mission statement is printed. A bigger lie has never been told by your favorite politician to hate.
For not only does the BIA not fulfill one iota of what they claim, but in our case actually interfere in their attempts at subverting the tribe to disenroll all of its people for the complete takeover and control of and assistance to U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein to own our name and sovereign rights in building  the biggest God Damn entertainment venue in the bay area grinding all who oppose her underfoot and trampling the rights, legacy, culture and graves of our ancestors. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and Under-Secretary Bryan Newland either step up and own this beings you are allowing this on your watch, or continue to not stand against this abject example of colonial greed by a non-Indian and hide in the shadows for fear of retribution against yourselves if you were to do the right thing.
By the way, it is also the law, you know, something you have sworn to uphold.
The tribe would like to thank with full appreciation those listed below who actually do provide a service and for all the care and dignity that they convey to the tribe in doing so.
The United States Department of Agriculture, California Office of Emergency Services, Costless Stores Inc., Food For Less Stores Inc., Walmart Stores Inc.,
the Grocery Outlet Inc., the County of San Joaquin, Morada and its surrounding communities, to all those who give willingly of their own time and money,
to our Program Director Mildred Burley who at 86 years of age continues to give and does so much more than the entire organization entrusted by the federal government to assist and not assail federally recognized tribes.