The California Valley Miwok Tribe was informed yesterday of a Scholarship made available in the name of one of Indian country’s indigenous elders, ( Aawok Georgiana Trull ).
Her lifelong dedication to teaching, publication and promotion of the preserving of indigenous language is being honored through this scholarship so aptly named.
If you are federally recognized or even California state recognized and you are involved with or plan on working in language retention, you are encouraged to apply.
The first step in the preservation of any culture rests within its language, without its retention you lose the understanding and meaning of what those that came before you were truly trying to pass on.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe


Dv-laa-ha~ xwii-t’i,

We at NCF are honored to announce a new scholarship opportunity for CA Native people, honoring the life and work of Aawok Georgiana Trull. This scholarship supports those individuals committed to and participating in CA Indigenous Language Revitalization. It is open to students in 2 or 4-year universities, graduate programs, or trade schools. You do not need to be studying linguistics, as this opportunity is open to all fields of study.

Applications are now being accepted. Deadline for submission is Friday, October 29, 2021.

Wok-hlew to the family of Aawok Georgiana for allowing us to support them in the creation of and overseeing this important scholarship opportunity. We understand how important language revitalization is and know many will benefit from this opportunity for support. We look forward to the years ahead and working with all the wonderful learners who will continue to positively impact their communities.

To learn more, apply, or donate to this fund, please visit our website:

Please share with anyone you believe would be interested in applying for support.



Tayshu Bommelyn

Interim Program Director, Native Cultures Fund