On Thursday, May 19th, 2022, the California Valley Miwok Tribe made its Food For Tribal Families delivery to Program Director, Mildred Burley.
This was an extensive distribution which included fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, meats, canned goods, boxed and dry goods, drinks, frozen foods, snacks and creamer along with additional Covid supplies.
It was good weather and all were in good spirits as the delivery was one of the larger ones in the programs history.
The tribe has yet to hear anything regarding our issue that the current AS/IA Bryan Newland recently took jurisdiction over but that is to be expected over what may be an investigation that entails decades of records to fully understand who all is responsible for the predicament the tribe was irresponsibly put in.
Still we have hope that the time has come we will no longer be continually forced to defend our rightful identity every time local BIA decides to conclude another attempted theft.
An accompanying video and further description are included after story in which our tribal elder / Program Director, ” Mildred Burley ”  asked to make a recorded statement on behalf of her tribe and her peoples.
At this time, the California Valley Miwok Tribe would like to thank the USDA, FEMA, Cal OES, The Grocery Outlet, Cost Less Stores Inc., Walmart Stores Inc., Food For Less Stores Inc., all those who volunteer and individually give, the community of Morada and to Mildred Burley who somehow gains more strength and energy with every coming fight for her tribal peoples. 
In this video, Mildred Burley out of frustration over the constant meddling of the California Bureau of Indian Affairs and especially its Central California Agency makes a statement on behalf of her tribe.
She along with the tribe wishes the local BIA offices would have just obeyed federal laws, statutes, guidelines, protocols and program specifics in regards to working with her tribe. The local BIA, though in working with at times various casino developers with highly placed elected officials in their back pocket have for years now tried to steal the tribe, disenfranchise and disenroll its citizens, in an attempt to partake of the building of the biggest entertainment mecca in the state of California.
This malfeasance has come at a great cost to the health, well being and very lives of not only the tribe’s enrolled citizens but others exercising their rights within the tribe’s enrollment process and still other Native Americans within the tribe’s service area who have come to rely on tribal programs that this constant meddling has affected adversely.
The tribe is in possession of detailed information in regards to this and is fully aware that there is still much unknown. The issue however became apparent enough even to the current Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs, ” Bryan Newland ” that he recently took jurisdiction over our matter, taking it away from the Central California Agency located in Sacramento California. Our issue now rests in the BIA main offices in Washington D.C. and the tribe is hopeful a thorough investigation into how and whom allowed this to happen will be fully revealed and corrected giving a positive determination to the tribe ensuring a better future than what our citizens have had to endure thus far.
This fraud was initially perpetrated by William ” Bill ” Martin and Leroy Chappell who were seeking quick riches when Indian gaming became legal in California. In this scheme, they enlisted the services of Chadd Everone of Berkeley, California, who became this fraud’s orchestrator. Mr. Everone enlisted many in this venture over time, but the principal participants involved were Troy Burdick Superintendent of the BIA / CCA whom he controlled, Arlo Smith of the California Gambling Control Commission and former San Francisco D.A., and most importantly, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, whom due to her personal and former professional relationship with Mr. Smith used her elected position at the federal level to undermine the tribe at every opportunity. She included herself to partake of opportunities of this great business venture that would come to fruition if their scheme had or is still allowed to succeed.
The tribe however has full faith that the very fact that local jurisdiction on our issue has been removed that there must be apparent improprieties and is hopeful that a full warranted investigation will expose not only what our records show but will expose other unlawful acts perpetuated against us that at this time are still unknown.
To hear the orchestrator of fraud talking candidly to a prospective investor and in his own words describing this grand scheme, please go to californiavalleymiwok.us and click on the Everone/Ludwig Audio Archives at the top of page. All recording’s are titled individually as to subject matter.

Thank you,

The California Valley Miwok Tribe