Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329
This month’s USDA Food Distribution was held on Monday, December 13th, 2021.
The weather was very extreme with cold temperatures, gale force winds and intermittent rains throughout the event.
Again with the stimulus checks? The tribe knows very few who have received one and knows many more in need that have not?
Weather has been horrendously good, meaning between the extremeness of the winds, snow and rain, it has become very hazardous outdoors in the motherlode, but all the precipitation is a godsend even if it gives us all but a moments respite from our states ongoing drought conditions. 
Along with all the good canned and dry goods that are a staple of these deliveries, we again this month received  the combination of frozen pre-sliced hams, bison, pork, roasts and wild caught Red Lake Walleye from one of our sister tribes,  the Red Lake Nation of Minnesota. 
The tribe is still hopeful that leaders in the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Department of the Interior in Washington D.C. will see the error of their ways and regardless of the break in cronyism that they would have to make, will still do the right thing before the tribe once again is thrust into pointless, draining, never ending legislation to protect the rights of the tribe and her people to thrive and prosper and service her indigenous community with programs such as this.
You officials that are doing this to us look at your own tribal elders and children and think if someone in your departments were doing this to them, how would you feel?
All this injustice and misery just so you can help a U.S. Senator, her billionaire husband and their investment group of bay area oligarchs to have the richest gaming enterprise in Northern California at the cost of our tribe’s extinction.
As indigenous people, you should be ashamed!
Still, it is the holiday season and no matter how dark the clouds of government grow on the horizon, there is always something or someone to be grateful for, and we wish to thank all those below and wish them and all that visit our site the merriest of holidays and hope for a better New Year for all of us.
The United States Department of Agriculture, for this much needed program for native people. The Red Lake Nation, for working with the USDA in providing the program with Walleye. To the Tule River Tribe for establishing this program and to their Food Distribution Department for implementing and servicing this program. To our good friend, “Specialist Ronald Buckman” for being the one constant we have seen every month of this tribes implementation of this program for over a decade.  Ronald Buckman whose personal dedication to the Native American community should serve as a lesson to all those in government how they could better conduct themselves in doing the right thing for not just our people but for all indigenous peoples.

Thank you,

The California Valley Miwok Tribe