Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329

This month’s USDA food distribution re-establishes regular scheduling and was held on Monday the 20th of May, 2024.
This month again saw quite a variance of foods with all food groups represented for proper nutrition and a balanced diet.

On the litigious front, it seems that the BIA is planning on trying to outrun the litigation that was recently filed against them.
These criminal deviants will stop at nothing to illegally steal a federally recognized tribe organized under a resolution form of government under its custom and tradition.

It is their intent to illegally try and subvert the will of a tribal nation and its duly elected government. They have already wasted 25 years of taxpayers funding in this attempt and so thinking that they can somehow succeed before litigation is heard wish to, like true secessionists continue without thought that pending litigation will completely unravel all that they have attempted.

There are also those little nuisances called a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order that judges give when a party to litigation think themselves a higher authority than the court.

As always, the tribe was left with many secondary deliveries to make to the families that could not attend due to personal hardships or an economy so distraught that it has left them behind. A service the tribe is honored and privileged to make available to those so in need.

At this time the tribe would like to thank those agencies listed below that continue in their government to government assistance to the tribe.

The United States Department Of Agriculture, The Federal Emergency Management Agency, The California Office Of Emergency Services, The Army Corps Of Engineers, The Red Lake Nation Of Minnesota, The California Department Of Justice, The Tule River Tribe and its Food Distribution Department.

A special thanks to Ronald Buckman for the monthly fulfillment of this program and his supervisor who initiated this program with the tribe, Mr. Richard McDarment. So many have been helped throughout the years you are in our hearts and prayers.