Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329

On Thursday, April 11th 2024, the California Valley Miwok tribe completed this month’s delivery to its Food For Tribal Families Program Director, Mildred Burley. This month again saw a tremendous amount of food delivered and over 100 pounds of frozen meat products. It is grilling season.
This month also saw a plentiful supply of snacks and desserts to round out what was once again a well supplied delivery.

As told in the last story and reason for delay in posting this story, the tribe was waiting for the actions by the BIA in regards to the current lawsuit that was filed
on April 2nd, 2024.

Once again, the BIA surprises with their arrogance and criminality, immediately trying for an election based on a petition the tribe never saw to vote on a constitution that the tribe did not even know existed.

These are both violations of the secretarial act and further disenfranchisement of tribal citizens. Even further is the fact that they are on record in another court case filed against them by Morgan/Lewis in which they lied to the court to subvert a temporary restraining order filing, barring them from further action until the judge rendered a decision. A representation that no immediate harm would befall plaintiffs Morgan/ Lewis and their clients because they the BIA would take no action until late fall and after the Judges decision.

The tyranny of lies just continues, what kind of godless immoral people parented people such as these?

Then we have the DEI hiring’s of token Indians who by their own actions are no more Indian than if they were holding a handful of cigars in a store front window.

We have Deb Haaland who seems to be so completely oblivious to this type of chicanery or maybe is an orchestrator of it by design, that she allowing this has fashioned herself as somehow a modern version of Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Jackson would be proud of Deb Haaland !

Andrew Jackson though was a non-native president of an expansionist government who was enforcing the will of himself and his compatriots against a native people to remove them and seize their property

Deb Haaland having the power and authority to directly intervene and being supposedly Native American, (yet to prove that in spirit and deed) is not only forcing us from our homes but trying to facilitate that taking of our tribe, customs, culture and heritage.

Either by conducting these actions, encouraging them or turning a blind eye to what is taking place, how is she herself not guilty of sedition? There is no
difference than what was supposedly the reason for January 6th. It is a slippery slope when those in an administration accuse others of what they themselves perpetrate.

Bryan Newland once wrote a decision for the then Under-Secretary of the BIA Larry Echo Hawk. This decision was based on law, evidence and fact.
At the time, it put this matter to rest. Unbeknownst to the tribe though is that it would be challenged because the individual whose power was used for many years prior, still vested in stealing the tribe for Bay area gaming ambitions and hiding in the shadows like a devious cretin was U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein.

The tribe was always under the impression that Mr. Newland was alone the author of that December 22nd 2010 decision. By his current example, it seems it must have been a directive specifically given to him by Mr. Echo Hawk to be fulfilled to the letter under his authority.

I don’t know what Deb Haaland made Bryan Newland take an oath to, but it certainly wasn’t to defend Native rights!

Maybe Mr. Newland is not competent, up to the task or has just so completely sold out that he is now nothing more than a soulless self serving bureaucrat.
It may just be as simple as we once again need Mr. Echo Hawk, as in the case of Mr. Newland, it just might be never send a boy to do a man’s job.

Whatever these people’s personal issues and animosities to native peoples, the tribe is in the process of more legal filings and administrative responses and will not have these types of criminals think themselves so high and mighty that they can circumvent the tribal citizens, constitutional, civil and sovereign rights.

The only detriment to this tribe’s prosperity and survival is being conducted by the very interior department entrusted with the authority to not let this happen.

They need to look in the mirror they are doing exactly what the administration they represent is accusing others of.

On a positive note, we would like to thank all those listed below that to the detriment of the BIA have helped the tribe to weather the storm that they created.

The United States Department of Agriculture; Food For Less Stores Inc; Costless Stores Inc; The Grocery Outlet Stores Inc; Walmart Stores Inc; the community of Morada; all others who give and donate and to our Program Director Mildred Burley.