This video below depicts what the tribe is hopeful will be another failed attempt by local Central California Agency / Bureau of Indian Affairs officials to illegally steal our tribe so that San Francisco oligarchs which include a current United States Senator and her billionaire developer husband to have a monopoly over gaming with a mega casino located in the Bay Area.

They have chosen to violate this tribe’s sovereignty due to our aboriginal rights encompassing from the San Joaquin Valley to the East Bay.

This Senator using her influence villainously to undermine existing federal laws and with her lackeys at CCA/BIA has once again mounted a never ending attempt at stealing our tribe, disrupting our services and disenfranchising our citizens and the greater Indian community all in an attempt to seek personal wealth.

This collaboration of the elected and bureaucratic participants in attempting what is fast becoming an American epidemic, a “smash and grab” in this case on tribal rights to illegally acquire and then push their intended future casino onto an unsuspecting public. It is repugnant that this is even allowed to happen without intervention from top B.I.A. officials in Washington D.C. due to the fact that our tribe and its Chairperson as our representative was invited and attended the recent White House Tribal Nations Summit hosted by President Joe Biden accompanied by them.

The video you are about to view ends shortly after Chairperson Silvia burley asks two distinct questions of the B.I.A. in which the answers were improper, contrary to well established procedures, out of context and in violation of federal Indian law and policy. Upon realizing these vital mistakes Carol Rogers Davis of CCA / BIA declined to even ask if there were any more questions and closed the session almost immediately on the webinar that all tribal citizens in attendance expected to last much longer.

Note: An individual named Arnold Samuel purports to be the tribes attorney and represents a Brianna Sanchez? This is the kind of confusion the BIA’s interference causes that opportunistic gold-diggers such as these try to capitalize on. The tribe’s attorney is the honorable Peter Lepsch of the prestigious law firm Peebles Kidder Bergin & Robinson LLP.

Additionally at 3:05 of the recording, the actual reason for the cancellation of a constitution is that a fraudulent group concocted the whole thing without the involvement of actual tribal citizens or its government.

Additionally at 4:30 of the recording, the superintendent did not cease attempted reorganization until he was ordered by the court because he lacked jurisdiction while the case was being litigated. It is of little matter now, as he was forced into early retirement probably due to such malfeasance and dereliction of his job responsibilities.

Thank you,

The California Valley Miwok Tribe