December 29, 2022


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Top Stories


Native victims of mass execution remembered in Minnesota

By Dan Ninham
The Dakota 38+2 memorial runners met the horseback riders in southwestern Minnesota the day after Christmas. ‘It’s important to learn about history. This ride and run keep that history alive’ … continue reading


By Pauly Denetclaw
The longest serving Indigenous member in Congress would make history if elected as the Republican leader in the House. But so far, he hasn’t given any indication he wants it … continue reading

By Deusdedit Ruhangariyo
Highlights of news from around the world on Indigenous issues in 2022 … continue reading


ICT Newscast with Aliyah Chavez

Ponka-We Victors-Cozad to step away from office

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm tells us about her vision for a clean energy future on tribal lands. We are hearing from US Rep. Mary Peltola and US Sen. Brian Schatz, as well as retiring Kansas state lawmaker Ponka-We Victors-Cozad … continue reading



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