The California Valley Miwok Tribe for the first time since it was enacted was unable to conduct the March distribution for the, Food For Tribal Families Program. This was due to extreme off and on weather conditions throughout its service area, conflicting schedules with participants, and mechanical issues.
Also affecting services this month was the next step taken by local BIA officials intent on the destruction, liquidation, disenfranchisement, and eventual takeover for casino interests of the California Valley Miwok Tribe.
Disenrollment of enrolled tribal citizens as the tribe predicted have already started this month, taking time away from services and instead forcing the tribe
to begin addressing and defending its citizens’ rights initially as part of a larger strategy in ending for all time local BIA’s obsession with the theft of this tribe.


Please watch attached video with description for more information and other events posted in this story that still have availability if wishing to attend.
In the continuing effort to update, inform, educate and expose, California Valley Miwok Tribal Chairperson Silvia Burley on behalf of her people and at the direction of the duly elected tribal council once again is sharing with all in this most recent address the wrongful and illegal actions currently being perpetrated against her beleaguered tribe to the detriment of her people and their culture by the BIA Central California Agency located in Sacramento California. Staying with the fashionable style of what came to be known as the fire side chats initiated by then President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
In this video, the Chairperson will allude to what is currently being perpetrated against the tribe and its citizens, which now include exclusion and termination of enrolled citizens of the tribe by the local corrupt branch of the federal government known as the Bureau of Indian Affairs / Central California agency. Of the people behind these actions, ( Bureau of Indian Affairs / Central California Agency Superintendent Harley Long is the current perpetrator assisted by the tribe’s long time nemesis in this illegal activity CCA / BIA Tribal Operations Officer Carol Rogers-Davis ).
These continuing actions have had negative impacts within the tribe’s service area in which the tribe being denied valuable resources is powerless to assist in addressing. The initial action they have choose to pursue is the theft of the tribe outside the legal definition authorizing them to do so, making up the steps and procedures of how they will do it along the way, and now the BIA is in the disenrollment business for the first time ever and if allowed to wield this power sovereignty is dead.
So, other tribes beware, if they set a precedent with the death of our tribe, you could be next. To give a legal explanation of why their nefarious recreation of a, ( Secretarial Election ) should not be allowed, this is how the actual law reads:
Federal Indian Law, Part 81.6 To request a secretarial election (1) A duly adopted tribal resolution, tribal ordinance, or other appropriate tribal document requesting the Secretary to call a Secretarial election, or, in the absence of an existing governing document or if authorized or required by the existing government documents, a petition that has been verified by the Bureau as having the minimum number of required signatures of tribal members; and (2) The exact document or amended language to be voted on; and (b) The tribe must submit a list in an electronically sortable format with names, last known addresses, dates of birth, and voting district, if any, of all tribal members who: (1) Will be 18 years of age within 120 days of the date of request; and (2) Meet any other voting restrictions imposed by the tribe’s governing document for voting in the Secretarial election.
FIRST: The tribe never submitted a document, resolution, ordinance or any kind of a request whatsoever. Nor did the tribe ever request from it’s adult citizen’s signatures that are required before the BIA can take this type of action.
SECOND: No document was ever submitted to be voted on and if one is to someday appear, it will be a fabrication of the BIA, but following the rules, it is supposed to exist before the process even starts because that is what is being voted upon. (2)(b) The actual tribe and her citizens did submit information but only to enjoin this process to have standing to file suit against the Bureau of Indian Affairs and their acting agents in this fa├žade. (1) N/A (2) Here the BIA seeks to violate the voting restriction’s act by allowing an overwhelming number of individuals that are not citizens, have never been enrolled, and most have never requested applications for enrollment. A few previously have but never returned or returned unopened. The tribe rejects the right of any non-citizen to be able to vote in something that was not requested and against the will of the tribe in accordance with the tribal laws of all federally recognized tribes of the United States.
Quoting former President Ronald Reagan who once said, ” The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government and I’m here to help “. In reference to the BIA, their words ring as empty and hollow as their heads.
Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and Under-Secretary Bryan Newland, if you do not want to do your actual jobs that you gained by appointment, at least keep your people out out our business and out of our sovereignty and allow us as a tribal nation to live in peace.

Thank you,

The California Valley Miwok Tribe