Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca.

This month’s USDA Food Distribution was held on Thursday, June 16th, 2022.
This month’s distribution was held during seasonally warm weather but was comfortable, making for a pleasant event.
Once again, as in last month’s distribution, the tribe has taken upon itself to help all participants with Covid safety issues.
Although currently not the issue, it has been in the past a new variant and strains are being forewarned as being much more deadly and infectious.
If and when this situation does come to pass as predicted, the tribe will continue to work with state and federal agencies to address those whom have come to rely upon the tribe for the type of assistance we continue to try to provide.

Sad but not fully unexpected news on the tribe’s current issue before AS/IA Bryan Newland. He himself exemplifies the very decadence and decay of the institution known as the BIA. Of course though not totally unexpected, disheartening being’s the tribe has first hand knowledge of his being aware and not clueless as his decision through it’s rambling’s represents.

He could have shown a more concert understanding for the rule of law, but alas, Larry Echo Hawk, the only AS/IA in this tribe’s history with a full understanding of the law, his obligation’s to it’s implementation, trust responsibility to federally recognized sovereign native American tribe’s and dare I say it, ” the stones to stand against all corrupt political and internal deviants in his handling of finale agency actions ” actually fully understood the issue, his responsibility and far reaching implications of his actions.

The recent decision by AS/IA Newland basically increases the quagmire and throws all interested parties back into years of litigation as actual elders and children who are tribal citizens and continue to suffer, must continue with adjudication against various groups never before or currently enrolled as they try to steal the tribe for the benefit of themselves and their casino backers.

Thank you Mr. Newland for the reopening of the California Goldrush and your hand in the attempt to exterminate a native tribe and her people.

We look forward to defending our rights and sovereignty and protecting our citizen’s young and old against your decision and whatever deal you struck to implement it.

As a federal tribe with a functioning government ongoing since recognition of GC-98-01 and that still continues to this day, servicing the continually expanding citizenship of the tribe and all the indigenous people residing in the tribe’s service area, we would like to thank the following for not only conducting themselves professionally but also for the humanitarian assistance they allow us to distribute in conjunction with them throughout the Native American Community.

The United States Department of Agriculture, (USDA), The Tule River Tribe, The Tule River Food Distribution Department and staff, Ronald Buckman who implements this program in person monthly and is held in high regard as a friend to not only this tribe but to all the tribes and people that he services monthly.
Also to The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and The California Office of Emergency Services (Cal-OES).
For their commitment in helping us to address the safety concerns within the Native American Community.

Thank You,
The California Valley Miwok Tribe