JUNE 2020 Food For Tribal Families Distribution

Food For Tribal Families, Director, Mildred Burley, stands with what is becoming larger distributions. Due to Covid 19 and the irrelevance of local BIA officials communities and businesses alike are coming out to support their local tribe.


On Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020, the California Valley Miwok Tribe delivered a substantial distribution to its Food For Tribal Families Director, Mildred Burley.
Again, some members being eligible for USDA distributions saw not only those food stocks, but additional’s because of monthly donations to the tribe.

The tribe working in conjunction with many agencies both federal and state are not only able to represent the wishes of its citizens, but are able to
continue to acquire necessities due to donations and networking with local communities within its service area.

Tribal citizens were grateful for the assistance once again that will help them to make less trips to the store and so adhering to safe distancing and a
health conscience lifestyle.

We would like to thank the USDA, Walmart Stores Inc., Food For Less Inc., Morada and its surrounding community, for all others who donated
and to our department director, Mildred Burley.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe