Tribal offices, Tribal land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329

The California Valley Miwok Tribe held the July USDA Food Distribution on Monday, July 20th, 2020. With all distributions, this was a severely needed and much appreciated event.
The dreaded second wave of the Covid 19 virus is upon us and the many citizens and participants who receive this service are as grateful for the lack of need to expose themselves by going to the store more often, as they are for the actual food stocks they receive within their distributions.

So, in essence, this program is helping to keep all that are involved safer during these very uncertain times.

This distribution also saw the newest member of the Tule River Food Distribution Departments team helping with distributions as USDA Food Distribution Specialist Ronald Buckman was assisted by specialist, “Naz”.

“Naz” will be a permanent fixture in distributions as he trains to fully incorporate not only the procedures, but the training to be a secondary delivery driver.

We look forward to the continuing expansion of this program and the service that it provides to the Native American Community

At this time, we would like to thank the entire Tule River Food Distribution Department, Specialist Ronald Buckman and newest Specialist and driver in training, “Naz”.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe.