On Tuesday, July 28th, 2020, the California valley Miwok tribe made another larger delivery to its, ( FFTF ) Director, Mildred Burley.
This month’s over abundant delivery was especially important due to the extremity of the second wave of Covid 19 and potential of multi-county
lock down’s if not the entire state.

The tribe is especially grateful not only to continuing contributors but additional individuals who graciously gave this month to make this
one of the best on record. These humanitarian actions help the tribe to keep its citizens safe and secluded at home.
This month also saw additional assistance from Fema and has allowed the tribe to distribute to its citizens about 2,000 additional masks for the month
of July. We will continue to distribute these supplies to tribal citizens as they are received by the tribes official Fema representative.

We would like to thank the United States Department of Agriculture, Walmart Stores Inc, Food For Less Inc, Federal Emergency Management Agency,
( FEMA ), Morada and its surrounding community, all others who gave so graciously and a special thanks to program Director, Mildred Burley.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe