Mildred Burley stands with this month’s donations that she will soon be providing to the local needy tribal families as the California Valley Miwok Tribe’s, (FFTF) Program Director.


On Friday March 29th, 2019 The California Valley Miwok Tribe Delivered the March donations to Tribal Elder and Program Director Mildred Burley for disbursement to the tribal families that reside in her area. 

This month’s contributions included two full bags plus an additional box providing a variety of frozen meats charitably donated by Walmart Stores Inc. & Safeway Stores Inc. One insulated bag used for delivery came from sister tribe Jackson Rancheria to which Mildred said, ” Now our members are going to eat Rancheria style”. It is an inside joke taken from their commercials and Mildred was just showing she keeps her sense of humor no matter how many injustices are currently being wrought against her tribe by outside influences.

Last month the tribe was made aware of actions being taken without its knowledge or notification and with newly added legal help is addressing those issues hoping for a just outcome.

The tribe continues to be optimistic that not only will these issues be overcome but that they may be able to soon provide other services to its current members and individuals within the local Native American community. 

This month we would like to especially thank Walmart Stores Inc & Safeway Stores Inc. for the additional contributions for our members who currently receive no other service due to lack of local federal program support.

We would also once again like to thank Morada and its surrounding communities for working with us. Those who volunteer or assist in receiving donations for the program and to our Tribal Elder, “Mildred Burley” who still works for the tribe at 81 years of age with no retirement in sight.

Thank you,

The California Valley Miwok Tribe