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The California Valley Miwok Tribe held the March 2019 United States Department of Agriculture food distribution on Monday the 18th, of March.

This month’s distribution was held the evening before the actual date, due to concerns over bad weather.
The tribe notified all recipients accordingly and held distributions for those whom already had their personal schedules set up for the following day.

This is a much needed program for federally recognized members of the tribe and the local native American community along with others that have met program requirements and currently enjoy this service.

This program however is currently being threatened by officials of the local BIA whom are once again attempting to violate the tribes sovereignty by interfering with it’s government.

The tribe is now addressing this issue in two litigations so that this program may continue uninterrupted.

The tribe would like to thank the USDA and Tule River Food Distribution Department for their continued dedication in working with CVMT in making this program available to so many in need.

We would also like to thank distribution specialist Ronald Buckman, our program participants and those whom donate their time or provide rides to those that without their assistance would be unable to attend.

Thank you all,
The California Valley Miwok Tribe