The California Valley Miwok Tribe is now going to post previously unpublished stories that due to governmental interference by nefarious factions with the assistance of CCA-BIA had delayed their postings. Sorry for the delay, CVMT.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe held the April food drive on Monday the 15th of April.
The weather was as usual unpredictable but was held to just overcast as the food drive commenced.

Although in the previous months story we spoke of the food drive itself being threatened because of local BIA officials at CCA-BIA interfering with the tribes right to govern itself, this issue seems to at least be temporarily corrected by Regional BIA and the benefit to the local Indian community and therefore continued to run unabated. This is a much needed program by those which whom it services and all those affected wished us to express their thanks to the Regional Director of the BIA for her just and legal action.

We here at the California Valley Miwok Tribe would also like to thank the United States Department of Agriculture, the Tule River Tribe and it’s Food Distribution Department, our Food Specialist, Mr. Ronald Buckman and all those whom participate and make this program a continued success.

Thank you,
The California Valley Miwok Tribe