The California Valley Miwok Tribe, with its new offices located at 14807 Avenida Central La Grange, Ca. 95329, has continued to represent its citizens through its duly elected government, uninterrupted since relocating to its new address September of 2019.

The tribe still experiences attempts by outside interests to interfere with its self-governance, but remains resolute in protecting the rights of its citizens and representations made on their behalf.

So much has happened and so much has and remains protected by various federal, state, county and city governments, current federal programs and tribal citizens all acting on the tribes behalf.

The tribe wants to especially thank its legal representation by Peter Lepsch of Fredericks Peebles & Patterson LLP on federal matters and Manuel Corrales of Gilleon Law Firm on previous federal and all existing state matters.

The tribe looks forward to the future and continued success of not only our government and the individual lives of our citizens, but of all American citizens may we all prosper, have opportunity and have our individual rights not infringed upon in this new year.

Thank you,

The California Valley Miwok Tribe