The California Valley Miwok Tribe USDA food distribution was held on August 14th, at the tribal offices located at 4620 Shippee Lane, Stockton, Ca.

This month’s delivery came at a very good time for the recipients in attendance with many having financial shortfalls due to excessive utility bills, and addressing health concerns due to poor air quality created by the many recent run away fires.

Of interest to those in attendance whom rely on this service that the tribe provides, were the new developments being implemented in the days following by the tribe, in regards to outside issues and discussing of a first ever Alaskan Native female ASIA at the BIA.

It was a great day with a good gathering, but a malfunctioning camera that left us with only two pictures on this day.

If you wish to participate or know someone whom needs assistance, the tribe encourages anyone in need of this service to contact us to request an application through the contact information provided on this site.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe