On Thursday, August 25th, 2022, the California Valley Miwok Tribe delivered this month’s tribally mandated food assistance to its Program Director, Mildred Burley. This was one of the bigger distributions because of the addition of multiple boxes of cereal and bread products that took three big blue tubs to transport.
A special thanks goes to the Morada community volunteers for this seasonably timely contribution as much of it was hamburger and hotdog buns to assist
tribal families as they prepare for labor day weekend bar-b-que’s.

Also included was a resupply of Covid related assistance in case any tribal citizen’s had need and wanted to take extra precautions. At the moment, the tribe would need a complete resupply as stocks are running low, but it seems the national fears are subsiding due to vaccinations and a better understanding of the disease and personal safety.

This was a great day with everyone in good health and a very large distribution so in stay in a more positive note on this part of the story and not the included video and description attached further below, the tribe just has to say look how great things can still be, we may not have the current assistance illegally withheld by the BIA, but then again we have so much without them and do not have to show them feigned respect as we would in keeping with social grace if we had to interact with them both public and privately.

We would like to thank all those listed below for their continued participation and donations in making this program a monthly success since 2017.
The USDA, FEMA, Cal-OES, Costless Stores Inc., Food For Less Stores Inc., The Grocery Outlet Inc., Walmart Stores Inc., The Morada Community Volunteers,
Additional tribal citizen donations and to our great Program Director, Mildred Burley.




California Valley Miwok Tribal Elder Mildred Burley speaks to BIA in this video of the resolve of her people and herself to not allow the theft of her tribe by BIA appointees and bureaucrats, who are wholly bought and paid for like barnyard livestock by corporate casino interests and the corrupt elected officials who are their masters.

Being the most inept and poorly run department in the DOI, the BIA think themselves lord and masters over the rules and rights to even exist as a Native American tribe. Whereas their actual job is to work with and help existing federal tribes in whatever needs and necessities may be available to them in service of their people through a government to government relationship. Trying for two decades now to subvert the tribe, its elected government and the citizens to whom they serve, all in the quest for outside developers to congregate phony factions from outside the tribe claiming rights, attempting theft of the tribe through unrequested and unwarranted actions by the BIA just in the quest to build a mega casino in the most lucrative market left in California.

The tribe has paid a heavy toll and the bleeding it appears will never stop as a new AS/IA, Bryan Newland, has been brought into the fold to continue the attempted slaughter of our tribe and the continued illegal hiatus of the government to government relationship that his agency must conduct with all federal tribes as a matter of law. It could be that Mr. Newland through nepotism if he is also criminally involved, or through pragmatism because he is just protecting his current status and future ambitions is just willing to let this criminality continue. After all, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and her late husband Richard Blum were and she still is heavily involved in undermining and then promulgating of the theft of the tribe, with the tribe holding numerous evidences to that fact. Also simultaneously circumventing other casino interests in the bay area where she has made sure to shut down any competing gaming establishments for many years in the eventual hope of our successful theft.

One only has to look recently to, the high speed rail, USPS real-estate contract, stock market improprieties and China connections to know she has used her position repeatedly to increase her and her deceased husband’s personal wealth. Her involvement began with assistance to Arlo Smith who was the District Attorney for San Francisco while she was mayor and in that time also saved her political career. Also take into account that his son Ace Smith has a long and tenured relationship with an extremely high ranking official at the White House, assisting in numerous election’s and supporting their rise throughout their career.

So, one can only wonder what pressures may have been put upon AS/IA Mr. Newland for him to continue these atrocities against the tribe that through his own previous involvement, even he personally knows better. The right thing should have been done no matter what and with this last celebrated hopeful being the head of the BIA even turning his back, is there no indigenous leader who will stand and do the right thing and legally defensible action even if at the cost of his/her position? How far we have fallen and how sad the ancestors that all of our native cultures revere must be in looking down upon us and see how morally weak we have become and how we have lost our way and abandoned our own people.

Thank You,
The California Valley Miwok Tribe