A flyer distributed by the Antolino Family Wellness Center, advertising domestic harmony online training courses.

On Monday, October 7, 2013 the California Valley Miwok Tribe received a flyer from the Antolino Family Wellness Center, Inc. located in Pacifica, California. CVMT would like to share this information with our local and surrounding communities.

About Antolino Family Wellness Center, Inc., Antolino Family Wellness Center (AFWC, Inc.) is a not for profit organization dedicated to the wellness of family and community. As a non-profit organization their vision is to promote harmony within families, communities, and private and public agencies. To achieve the preservation, improvement and expansion of this harmony their services include, but are limited to the following: Assisting in the communication among family members to better understand and relate to one another, Providing information on domestic abuse and its prevention, as well as conflict resolution, Guiding with one’s individual well-being; and Supporting general family and domestic welfare.

Each year the Antolino Family Wellness Center, Inc. continues to advance its mission of dedication to the wellness of family and community. Through their programs, the Domestic Harmony Program, the Youth and Children’s Program, the Parenting Program and Community workshops and trainings, they have seen many lives changed for the better. AFWC, Inc. is a certified Batterers’ Intervention Program in San Francisco, CA (1999) and in San Mateo County (1997). AFWC, Inc. has been conducting domestic violence training for over 10 years and has certified hundreds of individuals and community agencies. AFWC, Inc. has assisted in the certification of several agencies such as the Karuk Tribe in Northern California, Positive Directions in San Francisco, CA, AVACA in San Francisco, CA and the Mexican American Community Services in San Jose, CA.

AFWC, Inc. has provided 40 hour basic core training for Batterers’ Intervention Programs for California Native TANF and other trainings for Two Feathers in Northern California, Oneida Nation in Wisconsin, community organizations and tribes in Nevada, and to CRIHB (California Rural Indian Health Board) in Sacramento, California.

For more information contact the Antolino Family Wellness Center, Inc., P.O. Box 1486, Pacifica, CA 94044; Email: afwc@live.com, Phone: (650) 898-8134, Fax: (650) 898-8136, or visit https://www.facebook.com/Antolino-Family-Wellness-Center-53625896883/.