A flyer provided by the Waterloo-Morada Fire District, advertising the availability of designated "cooling zones" open to the public during the current heat wave that is being experienced in the San Joaquin Valley, California.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe received a flyer regarding a Cooling Zone that the Morada Fire Station is establishing. Basically, the Cooling Zone is a place for anyone in the community (especially the elderly or medically sensitive) whom needs to have a temporary area of refuge during the day for relief from the heat. The Cooling Zone will be air-conditioned and cold bottled water will be available for hydration.

Where: The Waterloo-Morada Fire District will establish a Cooling Zone at Fire Station 15-1 Recreation Hall located at 6925 E. Foppiano Ln., Stockton, California 95212 on an as needed and limited basis.

When: The community will be notified of the Cooling Zone days and hours of operation through the Morada Area Association email system. The Cooling Zone will be open to the public based on local weather forecast, the NWS Heat Emergency Phase criteria and as determined by the Fire Chief. According to the National Weather Service, the San Joaquin Valley is expected to experience higher than normal temperatures throughout the month’s of June through September 2014.

Note: Please, we ask that you respect the firefighters’ firehouse environment as this is their home away from home. They are on-duty and may have to leave on a 9-1-1 emergency and other business. We ask that you limit your stay to the Recreation Hall unless directed by the on-duty Captain.

For more information please call the Fire Station 15-1 at (209) 931-3107.