Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329

On Saturday, October 28th, 2023 the California Valley Miwok Tribe delivered the October distribution to the Food For Tribal Families Program.

Again this was a great distribution and not only was there a wide array of products but the tribe was even able to procure some additional PVC pipe fittings and some pipe insulation to go along with plumbing supplies delivered last week, (not pictured) because of plumbing issues by a tribal family whose needs continued to go unanswered along with all tribal citizens because the tribe being discriminated against by local Bureau of Indian Affairs officials, who vengefully continue the war of attrition against tribal people unwilling to let them steal their identity or culture.

That along with the misappropriation of five million dollars of tribal funding to date that the local Bureau of Indian Affairs has withheld from the tribe
but has procured in annual yearly federal drawdowns on the tribes behalf. Octogenarian Carol Rogers-Davis, a minor official at Central California Agency,
knows where the money went as she is in tribal-ops and is on record as saying she would never work with the tribe. She however is very active in colluding
in the misrepresentation and theft of the tribe.

Whatever the agenda as reported last month has now become inactive and has stayed so at the time of this writing. With more litigation on the horizon, we
expect it to remain so willfully or by a future court order.

Again this month, what was delivered is best said through pictures, but all food groups and needs were again addressed in this delivery that is spread amongst
federally recognized tribal families to give a few extra days and in some cases more the nutrition that is being denied them by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

In the 21st century, this corrupt and racially bias department is able to get away with what was commonplace in the 19th century and thought improbable in
a modern society.

The tribe would like to thank all those listed below both governmental, corporate, privately owned and individual alike who do step up, do the right thing
and assist those with real needs.

The United States Department of Agriculture, Costless Stores Inc; Food For Less Stores Inc; The Grocery Outlet Stores Inc; Walmart Stores Inc; Morada and its surrounding communities, volunteers, friends and associates and especially to our Program Director and tribal elder, Mildred Burley who never seems to tire.