October 2020 Food For Tribal Families Distribution

Here the Food For Tribal Families Program Director Mildred Burley Displays one of the packs of masks that were delivered along with sanitizer. Note the abundance of food we hope to make this amount a regular occurrence.


On Saturday, October 17th, 2020, the California Valley Miwok Tribe delivered to its (FFTF) Director, Mildred Burley, the October distribution to be
divided among the federally recognized citizen families of the tribe.

This month’s distribution was larger than most due to the generosity of those who donate to this program and their concern for tribal sustenance due
to the coming holidays and knowledge of the inadequacies of the local bureau superintendent in the understanding of his responsibilities to federally recognized tribes.

On another note, (FEMA) the Federal Emergency Management Agency, upon another request by the tribal FEMA representative, delivered more Covid-19 supplies some of which were also delivered in this distribution.

Some members in this program now also receive assistance due to enrollment in the tribes USDA program so that is an added benefit that assists in
addressing our young children and elders nutritional needs.

We would like to thank the (USDA) the United States Department of Agriculture, (FEMA) the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Walmart Stores Inc. Food For Less Stores Inc. Morada and its surrounding community, all those who volunteer and our Program Director, Mildred Burley.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe