Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe held the November 2020 USDA Food Distribution on Monday, November 16th. This month so far has not seen resolution of many different elections that will affect us all due to legal challenges and run-offs that probably will not conclude until sometime in early January 2021.

The more important immediate issue for the tribe, its citizens, subsidiaries who network with us, those we serve and every other citizen of the United States is personal safety and extended family interaction during this festive season. With the specter of the third coming of the Covid plague looming over all of us interfering with our traditions and interactions with loved ones, we should all exercise extreme caution especially in the presence of our elders.

The tribe is happy that to some degree, we will be helping even more people alleviate the risk of at least some trips to local grocers by having a few more families added to our service lists this month.

It is to the fulfillment of this program that in some small way, it may help to diminish someone’s risk of exposure to catching this deadly virus while helping to address their family’s nutritional needs.

We would like to thank the United States Department of Agriculture for implementing this program.
We would also like to thank the Tule River Tribe and its Food Distribution Department for being this programs local servicing hub and tribally administering this program in service to all of Indian Country.

We would also like to thank our friends Tule River Specialists Ronald Buckman and Naz for their service to the program and our monthly tribal deliveries.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe