June 2021 Food For Tribal Families Distribution

Food For Tribal Families, Program Director, Mildred Burley, stands with the June delivery of food and Covid-19 supplies.


On Thursday, June 10th, 2021, The California Valley Miwok Tribe made an early distribution for the month of June. This was done as most donations were already received and there were numerous requests by tribal citizens for additional and varying Covid-19 supplies that also were just recently received by the tribe.

There are many within the tribe that have yet to complete the Covid-19 vaccination process and even though some have, it is always a good practice to utilize products available to add an extra layer of protection.

Some vaccinated have still become sick even though severity is greatly reduced, so complete immunity may be non-existent.

Along with these supplies was an abundance of nutritious foods collected, donated and purchased for citizen families of the tribe beginning much earlier than usual, so delivery was moved up.

We are very grateful for all that donate and work with us in making this program a continued success.

The ( USDA ) ( FEMA ) ( Marlyn at Cal OES ) ( Walmart Stores Inc. ) ( Food For Less Stores Inc. ) ( Morada and its surrounding communities ) and to the tribal citizens who donated their own money and time using their limited resources to help one another.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe