Tribal Elder and Food For Tribal Families Director Mildred Burley stands with the abundance of donations that made up this great distribution.

On Sunday 26th, 2018 the California Valley Miwok Tribe delivered all distributions for its “recognized” membership families to its Director Mildred Burley, for the families that currently reside throughout the Mother lode.

The tribe was once again blessed by the Morada community and Walmart Stores with over 70 pounds of frozen meats to distribute among the five tribal families.

This along with an abundance of dry and canned goods and better current weather and air quality conditions made for a great distribution.

While on site, tribal operatives were also able to address and repair other needs both tribal and personal, so it was a productive day and a great way to spend quality time with the tribes elder.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe would like to thank again Morada and its surrounding community and Walmart Stores Inc. for their continued generous donations.

Most of all we thank and are grateful to our elder and director Mildred Burley who, at 81 years young, has and continues to do more spiritually, culturally, economically and historically through personal histories and knowledge than can ever be measured.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe