Food For Tribal Families, (FFTF) Director, Mildred Burley stands with this month’s allotments. other than a new portable refrigeration unit this month also saw distribution of lemons the size of oranges.

On Wednesday, February 19th, 2020, The California Valley Miwok Tribe delivered to its food program director Mildred Burley all donations collected to be dispersed among the federally recognized citizen families of the tribe.

This month’s program saw the purchase of a much needed portable refrigeration unit to transport frozen meats, and also this month saw much fresh produce including monster sized lemons from a tree grown at the tribal offices.

The tribe appreciates all those who make possible this monthly service to its tribal peoples to off-set just a little the failings of the local BIA / CCA in fulfilling their trust responsibilities. We hope that they take heed in the work ethic and example set by our Tribal Food Director and her continuing dedication at 81 years young.

The tribe is expectant of new revelations and of the strengthening of its sovereignty in the months to follow and so feels this program may not only survive, but will have the chance to greatly enlarge and provide a more complete service to the tribal citizens in which it serves.

We would like to thank, Walmart Stores Inc. Food For Less Inc. and the entire community of Morada.

Also a very special thank you to Food For Tribal Families, Director, Ms. Mildred Burley

The California Valley Miwok Tribe