( The tribe contended with major Covid related issues that caused a delay in story updates, for those who follow, sorry for the delay )


On Thursday evening, December 24th, ( Christmas Eve ) 2020, the California Valley Miwok Tribe was able to make a last minute special delivery, ( delay caused by Covid issues ) to its Program Director, Mildred Burley, to distribute among the federally recognized citizen families of the tribe.

This month once again saw an abundance of donations and extras that included gifts and presents, fresh picked fruits and Covid supplies.

Also, the USDA was involved due to a change in qualifications in enrollment and due to these changes, the tribe encourages anyone interested in this program to apply through a local tribe in your area. If you were ineligible before, your status may have changed.

The tribe would like to thank the ( USDA ) United States Department of Agriculture, Walmart Stores Inc. Food For Less Inc. Morada and its surrounding communities.

The tribe would especially like to thank Daniel and Mark of the, California Office of Emergency Services, ( Cal OES ) for reaching out to the tribe and providing locally much needed Covid supplies and information to best protect our tribal citizens.


The California Valley Miwok Tribe