Mr. Montel Jennings, President / CEO at MLK Civic Council, pictured with Silvia Burley, Chairperson of the California Valley Miwok Tribe. Photo taken at the CVMT Tribal Office, 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, California.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe hosted a Meet & Greet meeting with Mr. Montel Jennings, President / CEO of the MLK Civic Council. Discussions centered around mutual concerns.

The Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Civic Council is a national organization / think tank dedicated to neighborhood empowerment, enhancement of small business opportunities, corporate partnerships, a strong commitment to labor, and linkages with the global marketplace vis-a-vis international business alliances. The MLK Civic Council is also an informational clearinghouse which provides policy updates, input from decision-makers in your community, and access to policy makers at City Hall, the Statehouse, Capitol Hill, and the White House.

Montel Jennings is the President – Board of Directors at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Council, located at 141 Industrial Street, San Francisco, California, 94124.