In this video, California Valley Miwok tribal elder Mildred Burley is being forced to not only prove she is Native American, but also her blood degree and genealogy in an effort to stop the BIA from conducting an illegal tribal disenrollment of not only herself, but of all federally recognized citizens of the California Valley Miwok Tribe.

The BIA has taken upon itself to steal the tribe, ignore the existing tribal government and disenroll all citizens.

The reason for this undertaking is to instill a family of never recognized non-natives who have a casino deal with Senator Dianne Feinstein and a larger group of nefarious, greedy, money seeking individuals to establish a mega casino driven entertainment mecca in the greater California bay area. Mildred seen here has such a high level of crippling arthritis it is even hard for her to be able to protect her own rights.

Once again, where is governmental oversight from Washington D.C. in stopping this completely illegal action? One of these so-called leaders was a tribal chairperson, a tribal law judge and rumored ordained minister. I wonder what this person would have done if it were their tribe, or how they can reconcile this criminality once being a judge? If ordained minister rumors are correct, I would not recognize the god that this person would pray to as god’s are perceived as just. No, it just appears the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs have been given their marching orders and are now the whipping dogs for Senator Feinstein merely appointed to do her bidding.



California Valley Miwok Tribal Elder Mildred Burley, the only full blood Miwok involved in the illegal attempted theft of her tribe faces disenrollment and extinction at the hands of the BIA along with the rest of her fellow citizens.

“Even being a full blood does not protect you when the rich and powerful wish to exploit your rights and the BIA is for sale to the highest bidder”.

This current attempted theft is not the BIA socialist experiment of 2019, in just stealing the tribe and enrolling hundreds of people outside of the tribes’ authority who never even tried to participate in the tribes enrollment process. This time, for the sake of billions of dollars involving but one family who themselves have not come forward to participate in a legitimate tribal enrollment process but are under contract with individuals that include U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein is unchecked capitalism and exploitation.

This current criminal action and violation of tribal sovereignty being facilitated by both the current Secretary of the Interior and the A.S.I.A. of the BIA is a political capitalist smash and grab of the most heinous kind by modern day colonialists. These modern day colonialists wish to abolish this tribe’s sovereign indigenous rights for the future of a group of non-Indians’ bank accounts. This is all about financial exploitation by those seeking a casino who have political favor and position over weaker bureaucrats, unlimited financial resources and undue influence.

At the end of the included video the full translation of what our tribal elder says is, “THIS IS MY TRIBE AND PEOPLE ARE TAKING IT FROM ME. WHY DO I HAVE TO PROVE I AM INDIAN? I AM FULL BLOODED.”