Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329

This month’s USDA Food Distribution was held on Thursday, January 20th, 2022.
This was the first distribution of the new year and we hope a fresh beginning of many more to come.
Many have come to rely on this much needed program but all recipients are always put at risk every time the BIA tries to misconstrue their true intentions and villainously proceed with their decades long interferences into and attempted takeover of our tribe.

If successful, this program among others will cease to exist resulting in hardships for multiple families both tribal and others that have come to rely upon this monthly assistance.

This seems to be of little concern for the BIA as we once again seem to be headed towards a legal showdown in federal court.

The BIA once argued a leadership dispute, until the individual admitted in court depositions that he did resign and that he did recognize the newly elected chairperson.

Then the BIA initiated that there was a greater community of non-members who they tried to empower to just take the tribe outright, until they themselves threw them all out of the process discarding them after using them up.

Now people within the BIA, either being politically connected or with financial incentives are trying to kick out all actual federally recognized citizens, “men, women and children” to instill one family of non-citizen never enrolled or federally recognized individuals to which a mega casino deal has been struck with.

This involves a U.S. Senator and her billionaire developer husband from the bay area who on documented multiple occasions undermined the tribe’s inherent sovereign authority and interfered with the tribe’s status affecting services and programs that rightfully should have been provided to not only tribal citizen’s but all Native Americans within the tribe’s service area.

We are never going away and are never going to stop the fight for our sovereignty just so people who are already so disgustingly rich can have a financial feast at the expense of our tribe and the Native American community.

We will also continue to fight against the BIA to keep this program operational when so many depend upon it with the vast array of dry goods, cheeses, meats, poultry, fish, juices, etc.

To that end, in this fight we would like to thank those who are a benefit to the Native American community for their service in uplifting the hearts, minds and nutritional values of those they serve.

The United States Department of Agriculture, The Red Lake Nation of Minnesota, The Tule River Tribe, The Tule River Food Distribution Department, Department Specialist Ronald Buckman whose personal commitment to the Native American community should be required reading at the BIA.

Thank You
The California Valley Miwok Tribe