Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329
The California Valley Miwok Tribe held the August USDA  Food Distribution on Monday, August 17th, 2020. With all the wildfires, pandemic, and fragile economy due to the pandemic, the tribe and those who depend on this monthly program were grateful to once again see that familiar truck arriving to address the needs of our citizens and other active participants.
Many are dependent upon this service to not only address financial shortfalls that sometimes leads to families being malnourished, but also to the
advantage of this program in helping to keep safe distancing by making less trips to local grocery stores.
As this program continues to improve and expand, we look forward to what the future of it may bring.
We would like to thank the United States Department of Agriculture, the Tule River Tribe, the Tule River Food Distribution Department,
all citizens and participants who continue to make this program a success and to Ronald Buckman and Naz for their personal commitment and 
dedication to this program.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe