April 2022 Food For Tribal Families Program

Last of the full blood Miwok’s, Mildred burley who turned 85 on this day holds up one of the many loaves of, ” Dave’s Bread’s ” donated by Cost Less Stores Inc.

On Monday, April 25th, 2022, the California Valley Miwok Tribe delivered this month’s distribution to its Program Director, Mildred Burley.
This month saw fresh fruits, teas, frozen meats and frozen pre-made dinners, organic breads, snacks, coffees and creamers along with the usual canned and boxed goods and Covid resupply in addressing tribal citizens’ nutritional and safety health concerns.
A major occurrence happened last month in which the current Assistant Secretary / Indian Affairs took jurisdiction over an issue that directly affects the rights of our citizens to prosper, live their lives unimpeded without outside interference, to have their sovereignty secured and no longer threatened and to allow the tribe’s duly elected government by its citizens, to be able to once again offer programs illegally withheld so that they can take advantage of the various services that all federal tribes are entitled to.
After decades of local BIA malfeasance, mistreatment and illegal interference, the tribe remains hopefully optimistic that a chance for justice after decades of misconduct may finally be realized by the recent and unexpected impartial intervention.
Much more to this story, current situation and how we got here is included through various postings and links accompanying this story below.
At this time, the tribe would like to thank the USDA, FEMA, Cal OES, Wal Mart Stores Inc., The Grocery Outlet, Food For Less Stores Inc., Cost Less Stores Inc., Morada and its surrounding communities, all those that volunteer and to our Program Director last of the full blood Miwok who so powerfully prays for, works and represents our tribe as in the accompanying video’s below.
In this video, California Valley Miwok tribal elder, ” Mildred Burley ” the tribe’s language retentionist speaks in her native tongue of her thankfulness and hopes for her tribe’s future over the recent action taken by AS / IA Bryan Newland regarding her tribe’s pending matter.
The Miwok are grateful that AS / IA Bryan Newland has taken control of our cause and we pray to the creator to grant him the wisdom that stops the hurting to our elder’s and children. This situation first manifested itself by shady uninformed casino developers over 20 years ago approaching one tribal member and having that member sign a contract obligating the tribe and signing away all rights of any future economic development.
Of course, when informing the BIA, they discovered no individual of a tribe has that type of authority and that the person that they proposed this signing with was not even a tribal government official. Undeterred, they brought in an individual who took it upon himself to request a major piece of their contract and went about fabricating information in a quest to steal the tribe, evict all recognized members, fabricate his own membership from co-conspirators and enlist the cooperation and participation of corrupt and disgruntled local BIA officials in what became his personal quest to own and operate a federal Indian tribal gaming enterprise.
There is over 20 years of history and different opportunists who have come and gone trying to support this man’s, herein referred to as the, ” swindlers’ ” agenda. Many people and participants are on file in the tribe’s archives documenting their past transgressions against the tribe’s sovereignty the most recent being U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein herself and her deceased husband Richard C. Blum. Senator Feinstein’s involvement was long ago initiated by her personal relationship to former San Francisco District Attorney Arlo Smith, who is a co-conspirator and business partner to the, “swindler”.
Senator Feinstein has been acting in concert and operating in the shadows using her political position and influence against the tribe and it’s citizens for well over the past decade. The recent action undertaken by the current AS / IA speaks volumes about the inconsistencies and improprieties of our issue, the people involved and the actions that were being taken by the local Bureau of Indian Affairs / Central California Agency. For this type of action is not often taken, or taken lightly without extreme merit to give cause.
At the end of the Food For Tribal Families, (FFTF) program distribution, tribal elder Mildred Burley recites a personal prayer for the tribe.
All of us, ask the creator, to take away all the bad things from this ground, and in return have all the good things left here, Ho!
This program was enacted through the actions of the California Valley Miwok tribal government and it’s citizens in addressing unmet needs regarding personal nutrition and safety needs due to the Covid epidemic. The tribe working in conjunction with federal and state agencies, local business chains and communities that have selflessly donated, have made this program viable and conducive to the Native American community, our tribal families and individual tribal citizen’s.
The need for this program was necessitated by the illegal actions of the local BIA / CCA by the full refusal of assistance and government to government relations in violation of, ” Goodface vs. Grassrope “. The previous local Superintendent, “Troy Burdick” since forcibly retired was the orchestrator of this situation working in conjunction with , “Chad Everone” as admitted by Mr. Everone on the Everone/Ludwig Audio Archives listed at the top of page on, californiavalleymiwok.us.
Many violations were committed not only against this tribe but many tribe’s also under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs / Central California Agency which eventually lead to Mr. Burdick’s forced retirement. Our situation recently even necessitated the jurisdictional procurement of our issue from the local BIA / CCA by the Assistant Secretary / Indian Affairs Bryan Newland. We the tribe are optimistically hopeful that maybe an outcome can be possible to end the decades long malfeasance against us and end the pain and suffering wrought against our tribal elders and children.
To learn more about the tribe, please visit us at, californiavalleymiwok.us and to hear the swindler himself completely confessing on taped recording as to the conspiracy of his creation, please click on the Everone/Ludwig Audio Archives at top of page.

Conspiracy Ringleader Chadd Everone/Ludwig Admits Involvement on Tape Audio Samples from his Candid Conversation with an Investigative Journalist

Right click link and choose “Save Target As” to access mp3 files.
You may download a zipped archive of the files here. [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ]


1.How to acquire an Indian Tribe through the CCA BIA

2.On the character of Native American men and women

3.His personal assessment on the competence of the man he is trying to instill as Tribal Chairman

4.Everone/Ludwig tells of secret meeting with and advice from Troy Burdick, Director of CCA BIA

5.Arlo Smith and Peter Melnicoe incite the CGCC to become involved

6.The beginnings of the Chapelle/Martin/CCA BIA connection

7.Everone/Ludwig directs movie, BIA pays admission with Tribe’s rights

8.It only costs $25,000 to have BIA/DOI dissolve a Tribal Chairmanship in Indian Country

9.CCA Director Burdick’s opinion ( as coached by Everone/Ludwig )

10.Everone/Ludwig admits falsifying Yakima Dixie Tribal Chairmanship

11.BIA/DOI manipulated into demoting Tribal Chairperson Burley to Secretary

12.Chadd’s Fuzzy Logic: How to Create Fact from Fiction!

13.Troy Burdick gives direction to Everone/Ludwig on stealing Tribe’s 638 funding

14.Everone/Ludwigs bigoted ideas and Velma Whitebear, the Puppet Tribal Chairperson

15.Everone/Ludwig: Controller/would-be white leader of an Indian Tribe

16.The self deluded narcissist

17.Phil Peck and Albert Seeno Jr’s connection to the conspiracy

18.Everone/Ludwig implicates Washington DC corruption in his gameplan

19.Bureau of Indian Affairs accepts whom they want, not whom the Tribe elects

20.Le Roi Chapelle and Bill Martin: Gold Diggers After Tribal Opportunities

21.BIA informs Chapelle, Martin, that they did not contract with the Tribe

22.Everone/Ludwig and Troy Burdick conspire; Dixie becomes a non-issue in a fictitious tribe

23.Dixie without representation, is duped by Chapelle/Martin Group

24.The illegitimate and linkless lineage of Velma Whitebear

25.When something doesn’t work out, just change your name

26.Chapelle and Dixie create their tribal constitution in a single day!

27.BIA/CCA maligns government policy while interfering in Tribal internal matters

28.Everone/Ludwig and company expect letter to sieze Tribal funding

29.Everone/Ludwig on his belief that persistence will get you what you want, even if it’s stealing the rights and properties of the weak and defenseless

30.Everone/Ludwig refers to his scheme to take over and ultimately destroy the legitimate tribe as being the “most challenging intellectual effort” of his entire life

31.Everone/Ludwig dupes the Bureau of Indian Affairs by having his lackeys “create” a phoney tribe

32.Implicates Troy Burdick of duplicating PL95-638 federal funding contract

33.Everone/Ludwig the con artist, envisions a posh retirement thanks to his fraudulent scam


Thank you,

The California Valley Miwok Tribe.

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