USDA food delivery truck from Tule River, driven by Food Distribution Specialist Ronald Buckman, arrives at the Tribal Office located at 10601 Escondido Place, Stockton, CA, with participants awaiting distribution.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe would like to thank all of those whom attended the Food Distribution – held at 10601 Escondido Place, Stockton, California 95212 – on August 11th, 2009; as well as for making it a continued success, as those in need qualify and are able to participate in the program. The Tribe is thankful for the opportunity to bring this service to indigenous families.

We have recieved many requests from communities as far south as Bakersfield, CA and as far north as Mt. Shasta, CA. If you happen to be in a location too distant for it to be economically feasible to participate in our program, please contact the local federally recognized tribe in your area to see if a similar program is available for which you may be eligible. The Tribe would like to thank the Tule River Tribe and the USDA for making this program possible.