USA Social Security Administration, March 2014 Update

The California Valley Miwok Tribe received correspondence from Ms. Kimberly Yellow Robe, San Francisco Region / American Indian Public Affairs Specialist at the Social Security Administration, regarding upcoming changes to the services that are provided at Social Security offices across the country.

Ms. Yellow Robe writes, “Beginning August 2014, we will no longer issue Social Security number printouts in our field offices. Individuals who need proof of their Social Security number and cannot find their card, will need to apply for a replacement card. In addition, beginning October 2014, our field offices will stop providing benefit verification letters, except in emergency situations. Benefit verifications are available online, and can be obtained anytime by registering for a my Social Security account located at https://www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount, or requested through our national toll free number, 1-(800)772-1213.”

For more information, the Social Security Administration developed outreach material on a third party page at https://www.socialsecurity.gov/thridparty/whatsnew.html.