Pictured standing (clockwise from left): Donald 'Joe' French, Dolores 'Bebe' Jeff, Debra Grimes, Heather Grimes, Gloria Grimes, Nichole Grimes, Mildred Burley, Daveen Williams, Silvia Burley, Montch Jeff, Anjelica Paulk, Daniel David Sandoval, Joyce Rummerfield, Mark Fountain, Colleen Mose. Pictured sitting (from left): Audrey French, Gladys Jeff, Carol Rasmussen (seated behind Gladys), Dolores 'Midge' Turner, Lester Mose.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe held a special meeting, inviting officials and members from the Calaveras Band of Mi-Wuk Indians and the Calaveras County Mountain Miwuk. Many issues and concerns were discussed in a friendly, open quorum. The meeting was highly successful, culminating in the three tribes forming a consortium, aiming to work together to address the needs of their tribes, as well as supporting one another in their efforts to enrich the lives of their tribal members by acquiring much needed services. The California Valley Miwok Tribe sincerely thanks all of those who were able to attend.

Tribes in Attendance
California Valley Miwok Tribe Calaveras Band of Mi-Wuk Indians Calaveras County Mountain Miwuk

Silvia Burley, Chairperson
Anjelica Paulk, Vice Chairperson
Mildred Burley, Elder/Tribal Member
Daveen Williams, Health & Human Resources Coordinator/Tribal Member
Tiger Paulk, Tribal Consultant
Gladys Jeff (Application Pending)

Gloria Grimes, Chairperson
Lester Mose, Vice Chairperson
Debra Grimes, Secretary/Tribal Member
Heather Grimes, Tribal Member
Nichole Grimes, Tribal Member
Colleen Mose, Guest

Dolores “Midge” Turner, Chairperson
Donald “Joe” French, Treasurer
Joyce Rummerfield, Archivist/Secretary/Tribal Member
Audrey French, Tribal Member
Carol Rasmussen, Tribal Member
Montch Jeff, Tribal Member
Mark Fountain, Tribal Member
Dolores Jeff, Tribal Member
Daniel David Sandoval, Guest