Ms. Pringle is so diligent and focused that she does not even look away from her work as her photo is taken. The Tribe is very grateful to have re-acquired the professionalism and integrity of this indispensible employee.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe (located at 10601 N. Escondido PL, Stockton, CA, as listed in the Federal Register of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, BIA/DOI), a federally recognized tribe eligible to receive and distribute contracted services from the federal government, is pleased to welcome back the Tribe’s former Financial Manager, Ms. Colleen Pringle.

Ms. Pringle has been in the office these last few weeks, implementing the Tribe’s current PL-93 638 Aid to Tribal Government contract that, in working with the Tribe, she recently helped to successfully negotiate with the Bureau of Indian Affairs/Central California Agency. Ms. Pringle has an extensive work history with the California Valley Miwok Tribe and in fact, has administrated every funding agreement that the Tribe has ever had. She originally came to the Tribe with an extensive financial background which included banking, bookkeeping and previous experience with Indian Tribal funding. She now comes back to the Tribe with recent experience in running the financial department of a local city. She worked previously with the Tribe and was crucial in formulating the entire financial system the Tribe operates under, including but not limited to financial policies and procedures, banking services, accounting, Tribal bookkeeping services and year-end auditing.

In fact, Ms. Pringle is so efficient that the Tribe in all the years that it has received funding, has never had even a single finding and due to this fact, and Ms. Pringle’s professionalism, the Tribe attained (and to this day remains) a mature status contract tribe. With most of the previous issues manifested against this tribe quickly fading into the past, the Tribe looks forward to implementing great ideas that will be not only a benefit to its members, but to other Native Americans and the local communities . With the reacquiring of Ms. Pringle’s services, the Tribe feels that their financial department now has the oversight of the most qualified professional available.