Tribal Offices, Tribal Land, Avenida Central, La Grange, Ca. 95329

This month’s California Valley Miwok Tribal USDA Food Distribution was held on Tuesday, October 17th, 2023.

Great weather and another successful distribution dating all the way back to 2009 when the tribe first contracted this service through the Tule River Tribe and the United States Department of Agriculture. The tribe initiated this service to tribal citizen families who the local Bureau of Indian Affairs, through their criminality and incompetency, ceased to serve. Also to the many indigenous people that without tribal affiliation could not receive services elsewhere and were so too left behind by a bias and corrupt system.

Never more than now is this service needed because of rampant interest rates, high inflation, soaring gas prices, ungodly food prices and out of control utility and rent price increases.

The tribe now more than ever in its history is making more deliveries than ever for those either unable to attend due to schedules or just not able to financially make the journey.

At this time, the tribe has already had to make numerous corrections in working with various departments over the local BIA’s misinformation efforts as part of their greater scheme to steal the tribe. Even working with subsidiary companies such as Wikipedia where BIA and their cohorts tried their misinformation campaign.

Although the BIA is feloniously trying to make up a procedure as they go along, at this time they are again halted by their own ineptitude of not even fulfilling their own agenda and thus there has been no action since August 30th and their schedule is woefully coming apart.

They will soon be getting a holiday surprise from the tribe that through media, political and legalese will put them back on their backsides which is the only place in which to deal with, as Hillary says, “deplorables” such as these.

To the actual departments with whom the tribe has a great and ongoing government to government relationship with and who  continue to work with and support tribes everywhere, we would like to thank all those listed below.

The United States Department of Agriculture, The California Office of Emergency Services, The Federal Emergency Management Agency, The California Department of Justice, The United States Army Corps of Engineers’, The Red Lake Nation of Minnesota, The Tule River Tribe, The Tule River Tribe Food Distribution Department and to our service provider Ronald Buckman by whose example the Bureau of Indian Affairs should learn something about how to do their job.