Tribal Elder and Director of the California Valley Miwok's, Food For Tribal Families Program, ( FFTF ). Here program Director Mildred Burley stands with the abundance that was donated this month by Walmart Stores Inc., Morada and it's surrounding communities.

On Monday September 24th, 2018, the tribe once again made a monthly delivery to its director for the distribution to federally recognized member families of the tribe. Director Burley commented as to the seemingly larger donations and gave a prayer blessing for Walmart management, Morada and the surrounding areas of which have shown such compassion for this beleaguered little tribe.

There are many at the local level of the federal government that have failed in their trust responsibilities to the tribe, but it has also initiated action taken to care for and protect the daily needs of the tribe by local citizens and businesses within the tribes community.

It is just another example of how communities sometimes have to become self-reliant When government departments are more concerned with personal agenda’s than actually doing the job that is entrusted to them.

For all that you generously give and for the goodwill and concern that you have shown and continue bestow upon the tribe, Elder Mildred Burley and the tribe wish to graciously thank Walmart Stores Inc., Morada and its surrounding communities.

The California Valley Miwok Tribe