Sierra Foothills Storm Does Not Delay USDA Food Distribution at CVMT

Sierra Foothills Storm Does Not Delay USDA Food Distribution at CVMT

On Wednesday, February 20th, 2013, the California Valley Miwok Tribe carried out its USDA Food Distribution Program without a hitch.On the previous day, the Tule River Food Distribution staff distributed USDA commodity foods to eligible recipients at the Tuolumne Rancheria. A severe winter storm in the Sierra foothills area stranded many drivers by surprise. Amongst those whom were stuck in the storm were Tule River USDA Food Distribution staffer Jesus Salas, Tule River USDA Food Intake Manager, Mrs. Patricia Salas and Tule River USDA Food Distribution Director, Mr. Richard McDarment.

Luckily for the California Valley Miwok Tribe and the eligible recipients (whom participate in the USDA Food program held monthly at the Tribal Offices in Morada, located in San Joaquin County), Mr. Ronald Buckman, Tule River USDA Food Distribution Staffer and Driver was able to leave the Tuolumne Rancheria before the snow accumulated. The blizzard-like conditions caused between 50 and 75 cars to become stranded along a long stretch of roadway in Tuolumne County.

Mr. Buckman delivered commodity foods to the awaiting families whom rely on the monthly distribution at the Morada site. They were very thankful that Mr. Buckman did not get stuck in the upcountry winter storm. Through rain, high winds, sleet and snow, Mr. Buckman showed up on time to distribute the commodity foods. As usual, his smile and warm sense of humor brought joy to all.

CVMT is very happy to report that after being stranded for 6 hours in wintery blizzard-like conditions, Richard, Jesus and Patricia made it home safely. CVMT truly appreciates all the obstacles that the Tule River staff overcome as they do their jobs to bring nutritional foods to families in need. Thank you Tule River Reservation (USDA Food Program), Mr. Richard McDarment, USDA FDIR Director, Mrs. Patricia Salas, USDA FDIR Intake Manager, Mr. Jesus Salas, USDA FDIR Staff, and Mr. Ronald Buckman, USDA FDIR Staff & Driver.