February USDA Food Distribution

February USDA Food Distribution

The California Valley Miwok Tribe (located at 10601 N. Escondido PL, Stockton, CA, as listed in the Federal Register of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, BIA/DOI), a federally recognized tribe eligible to receive and distribute contracted services from the federal government – on Monday February 7th, 2011, held another installment of the USDA food distribution in collaboration with the food distribution department of the Tule River Tribe. This program is a great benefit to Native Americans and the Tribe encourages all whom read this article to apply. The California Valley Miwok Tribe, being the only federally recognized tribe in San Joaquin County, is the only entity able to offer this program to Native Americans and would like to make sure that all Native Americans whom qualify receive the help they need.

However, the program is not just about the USDA distribution; the day is also used to update attendees on current programs and local activities brought to the attention of everyone whom attends by regulars at the distribution: Mark Fountain, Vice Chairman of the Calaveras County Mountain Mi-wuks and Richard “Windfeathers” Muniz, San Joaquin Native American Veterans Lodge Commander. These people’s monthly contributions are invaluable.

Another such service that was made available this month, was that the Tribe was able to travel to the Sierra foothills to deliver this month’s distribution to a recipient during their medical clinic appointment (due to their recent illness and lack of funds to travel). This new service was made available due to the recent decision by current Under-Secretary Larry Echohawk re-affirming the Tribe, and the subsequent re-establishment of the Tribe’s P.L. 638 funding that will allow the Tribe to expand its programs to Native Americans residing within its service area.

The Tribe would like to thank all those whom help the Tribe in conducting and also to those whom attend this monthly program, ensuring its continued success and to Under-Secretary Larry Echohawk for his recent final agency determination that has allowed for expansion of this program and will allow for implementation of future programs currently being considered.