California Valley Miwok Tribe hosts Indigenous Peoples Meeting

California Valley Miwok Tribe hosts Indigenous Peoples Meeting

The California Valley Miwok Tribe located at 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA (as listed in the federal register of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, BIA/DOI). A federally recognized Tribe eligible to receive services from the federal government, on September 11th, held a special meeting strengthening its continuing commitment to improve the daily existence of Native People within the American Indian community.

This meeting was called to help the Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians, to help them with current issues for which they had asked the Tribe for assistance. The Tri-Miwok Consortium was well represented. In attendance were officials from the California Valley Miwok Tribe, and the Calaveras County Mountain Miwuk. Opening prayer was given by CVMT Tribal Elder Mildred Burley. The ending prayer was conducted by Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians Spiritual Leader and Elder Ernie Perez Salas, all present at the meeting were touched by the wisdom he spoke.

Chairman of the Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians Andrew Salas, brought much documentation and articulated very clearly as to the history of and present situation his proud Tribe are in. Also in attendance, in their official capacity from the Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians were Martha Gonzalez, Treasurer, Albert J. Acuna Jr., Tribal Council Elder, Christina Martinez, Secretary, and Nadine (Eden) Salas, Vice Chairperson; along with various other members that were very knowledgeable, and represented their Tribe very well helping the Tri- Miwok Consortium to fully understand and be able to assist this Tribe that had traveled so far.

In the end it was a well received meeting, the Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians stating that they felt all of their questions had been answered. As for the Tri-Miwok Consortium, all Tribes attending had a good feeling that the very reason for the existence of the consortium on this day had been fulfilled, that we all had helped Native American brothers and sisters when they had reached out in their time of need and everyone’s families grew a little larger on this day.

At this time the California Valley Miwok Tribe would like to thank the Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians for giving us the opportunity in helping them on this day and for the Calaveras County Mountain Miwuk for demonstrating what the strength of the consortium can accomplish when it works together in unity to help those in need within the Native American community.