California Valley Miwok Tribe Celebrates Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, also referred to as “American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month”.

This year the California Valley Miwok Tribe was honored in being asked to share information about itself and its culture in celebration of this month.

Representatives from the Tribe were invited by the Affirmative Employment Coordinator for PINA (Pacific Islander Native American), to come to the Western Regional Office of the Bureau of Federal Prisons.

The Tribe shared much about its history and culture to a packed conference room. Tribal Elder Mildred Burley, the last born at Six Mile Rancheria, gave special insight with her early life experiences living strictly within a Native American-only community until the age of eight.Until the Tribe actually organized in 1998 under G.C. 98-01, her great-grandfather Jefferson Davis/Indian Jeff was the only individual who ever took an official action on behalf of the previous Sheep Ranch Rancheria, now known as the California Valley Miwok Tribe.

Also in attendance to share and answer questions at this event were tribal member Michele Burley and Tiger Paulk.

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